Ellington Ratliff performing at the LA County Fair. 


So as requested, I took pictures of the R5 merch at the show last night. There were to separate booths on either side of the stage, and one side had more than the other but they both had a few different items. Even the shirt I bought (pictured at the bottom) wasn’t on display because they were limited on size. I saw someone else buy it and I had to ask about it. All shirts are around $30, and hoodies are $50. There’s also accessories like bracelets, necklaces, beanies and bandanas which are not pictured, but hopefully this is helpful for those still debating buying merch. :)





I have an extra ticket to the R5 show in Lowell on September 28th sooo if anyone is looking for one I’m willing to talk prices, but I got it for $45.25? And I would rather sell it for that or a bit less than deal with stubhub which takes a cut of the money if you have success.

'Can you jump over Rocky? #AskR5'

R5 - Then & Now

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